Hiragana workshop

“The Hiragana Online Workshop” is a complete video course to learn hiragana, the basic Japanese alphabet. With animated illustrations and English subtitles, you can easily learn to read all the hiragana characters, to pronounce them perfectly and to write them in the right stroke order. You will also learn more than 200 basic words and expressions widely used in Japanese. At the end of this course you will be able to read perfectly any word written in hiragana!

fully created by Mugino Kadota

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Ask for a coupon to enroll in the course for FREE.  No credit card is necessary.  The access to the course remains FREE FOREVER.


Vidéos and PDF which will help you to practice writing

Mugino, the course creator is a certified and native Japanese language teacher.  For many years, she has been teaching students of all ages in classrooms and online.  At the same time, Mugino teaches literary analysis, essay writing and presentation to native Japanese high school students preparing for the International Baccalaureate in international schools in Switzerland.

Ask for a coupon to enroll in the complete course for FREE!